Data Analysis Using Advanced Excel


Microsoft Excel has revolutionized the business world. Doesn’t matter which industry you work in or planning on working in, you must have solid skills in the use of Excel to be effective and efficient in your job. Strong Excel will certainly open new door of opportunity for you to land a new job and/or to advance your career. As an employee of an organization, being able to efficiently automate the complex routing tasks involving number crunching, perform data analysis, make data-driven decisions, and reporting status to management utilizing worksheets, tables, charts, invoices, etc., you will be in a position to gain competitive advantage and to establish credibility and respect among your peers and management.

Excel has a lot more capabilities than you may think. It is widely applicable from simple arithmetic calculations to sophisticated and complex statistical analysis. Outside of the professional applications, Excel can also help you tremendously in your personal life including but not limited to planning household budget, monitoring financial portfolio performance, monitoring investment profit or loss, calculating monthly payments, and track your day-to-day spending.

This course will cover Excel fundamentals along with more advanced business applications. You will have opportunity to interact with your instructor and fellow students through tutorials and case studies, with hands-on practice solving real-word problems, and by practicing to make data-driven business decision making.

Laptop with Microsoft Excel 2013 installed.

Target Audience 
This course is intended for:
>Project Managers
>Aspiring Project Managers
>Business/Financial/Data Analysts
>Aspiring Business/Financial/Data Analysts
>Information Technology (IT) Professionals
>Business Owners

Takeaways (Learning Objectives) 
Once you complete this course, you should be able to:
>Collect and document data
>Perform advanced data analysis
>Develop formulas to automate repeating complex tasks
>Develop complex workbooks with multiple worksheets
>Protect data by locking various parts of the spreadsheets
>Make business decisions by being able to forecast using data analytics
>Develop stunning reports using tables and charts

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Course Outline

Microsoft Excel Fundamentals
Data collection
Data formatting
Data validation
Data Re-usability
Data visualization
Application examples

Formulas and Functions
Application Examples

Data Analysis
Data sorting
Data filtering
Data aggregating
Data organizing via pivot tables
Application examples

Interacting with other MS Office Application
Exporting data
Mail Merge
Importing data
Application examples

Data Consolidation
Consolidating data
What-if scenario analysis
Data tables
Application examples

Data Analytics for Decision Making
Interpret data analysis results
Perform forecasting
Make recommendations/decisions
Application examples


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